The area designed for restaurants is dedicated for two operators: A and B. Each of them can serve two premises and a patio from one kitchen.

The operators have at their disposal:
1. KITCHEN (level -1,5)
2. PIZZERIA (level -0,5)
3. RESTAURANT (level +0,5)
4. PATIO (level +0,5)

  • Thanks to the division, the clients have four restaurants at their disposal that differ in terms of atmosphere, style and menu.
  • There is a separate entrance to each premise.
  • It is possible to join the premises on one level.
  • One kitchen with a large area that provides service for three premises is a great advantage (one back room, one chef).
  • Communication between the kitchen and the premises is improved thanks to a gastronomy service and goods lifts.
  • The kitchen is equipped with a professional pizza oven.
  • It is possible to rent space from the city in front of the summer garden building.

Plac Wolności is a real land of pubs, cafeterias and galleries visited in great numbers by the inhabitants of Wrocław and tourists alike.
On the other hand, the green recreation area along the city moat is a popular strolling route and a place of meetings.

Additionally, the European Capital of Culture 2016 has turned Plac Wolności into a place that hosts the biggest artistic concerts and periodic cultural events.