The space for catering activities is intended for two operators: A and B. Each of them can serve two independent restaurant rooms with separate entrances from one kitchen and a year-round patio.

Each operator has at his / her disposal:
1. KITCHEN (level -1,5)
2. PIZZERIA (level -0,5)
3. RESTAURANT (level +0,5)
4. PATIO (level +0,5)

  • Thanks to such approach, customers have at their disposal four restaurants differing in climate, style and menu.
  • Operator A’s restaurant consists of two premises: 103 and 117 m2, kitchen 127 m2 and patio 345 m2.
  • Operator’s restaurant B consists of two premises: 128 m2 and 125 m2, 100 m2 kitchen and a patio of 294 m2.
  • Each apartment has a separate entrance from the outside.
  • It is possible to connect premises horizontally.
  • A big advantage are two kitchens serving four restaurants and two patios.

Plac Wolności is a place frequently visited by residents and more and more often – thanks to a parking lot under NFM – by tourists.
In turn, Wroclaw Planty located above the city moat is a popular walking route and meeting place.

In addition, the title of European best destinations 2018 distinguished Wrocław against the background of other great cities in Europe, and the European Capital of Culture 2016 created Plac Wolności as the place of the largest artistic concerts and cyclical cultural events.